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Health Cafe

You are what you Eat. "Healthy Mind Rests In a Healthy Body "

How we feed our bodies and minds comes from the choices we make each day, and they all add up to where each of us finds ourselves today.

Health CafeWe can become proactive and begin making positive lifestyle choices that can make a significant impact on our health and well being as well as turn the direction to a more sustainable environment.

Come join us as we explore the natural and healthy practices that can build a more positive way of living for all of us. Health Cafe is all about finding that right balance for those who are also on a quest for a healthier, holistic, and more natural way of living. Health cafe is where you socialize with your mates in a healthy way.

Why is socialising always associated with eating , drinking and gaining more calories . Given the very little time my fellow modern women have and the pressure by society to look good and be energetic for your family and juggle up your responsibilities of this modern era, I came up with the idea of socialize , workout ,have fun , burn a few calories and go back home energised and mentally unwinded.

Our Mission

Health Cafe is dedicated to educating the member, about environmental toxins that affect you and your family’s health. We are determined to provide well researched articles to help you learn how to create a safer and healthier home environment. Good health is a balance of exercise, diet, reducing risk factors where possible and making the right choices. There are many natural alternative and healthier choices that you can turn to.

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