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Body Temple Health Cafe

BODY TEMPLE, a boutique studio, provides fitness training and motivational sessions tailor made for each client to transform your body and spirit.

Most of my clients need that motivation and inspiration apart from the correct workouts. We inspire and encourage you to show up for every session.

A fitness professional, Aerobics instructor, Personal trainer, Power Yoga teacher, Gym ball instructor, Dancer and Pilates expert, runs body temple in South Extension area in the heart of south Delhi .

She is certified for Pilates, by Reebok and PIA (Pilates Institute of America). Specialising in mat work and Pilates on the Ball.

Deepika SaxenaShe helps clients improve Posture, Strength, Stability and Coordination. She also helps people rehabilitate from injuries and Musculo-skeletal imbalances. Whether it is flat Abs, Toned body, Weight loss, Muscle gain, inch loss we have it all. Deepika has worked with various top Hospitals and studios in Delhi and in the fitness industry for 12 years. Working at Fortis La Femme she helped her clients regain their pre pregnancy size and weight and helped them during their postpartum days, slowly building up their strength to a level which they hadn’t experienced even before pregnancy. She taught various different fitness methodologies while at 3 graces by Amatra spa.

She taught postnatal fitness and Pilates with élan to the top most clientele of Delhi.

She specialized for :

  • Lower backache
  • Strengthening of spine
  • Postnatal fitness
  • General fitness
  • Person with medical conditions like prolapsed uterus, urinary incontinence, hysterectomy, back aches.


  • Internationally Certified and Experienced Instructors
  • No Parking Hassles
  • Friendly, Informative Staff
  • Easily Accessible In The Heart Of South Delhi
  • The Only Fitness Studio With A Health Cafe
  • Constant Motivation & Inspiration To Work Out


Our passion is to help our clients develop lifestyle of fitness overall health physically & mentally.


A series of exercises that have been specifically chosen to help strengthen and condition the muscles that support the spinal column which help prevent or relieve backache.

"Every day I help clients heal their back aches. This restricts their complete lifestyle."- Deepika Saxena

BackacheShe has very successfully and completely healed a lot of clients of back ache with her specialised back strengthening workouts, working with people at their own fitness level and making them fitter and stronger. Keeping up with my commitment to help the women of new era my mantra is If you “Feel Good You Look Good”.

At Body Temple we ensure you look good because if you look good you feel good With this mantra in mind she came up with Body Temple. Here we offer fun workouts to keep your mind and body fit and strong .

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